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Hate can come in many varieties, even in a form that could look, on the surface, to be peaceful and just. Our goal is to bring to light some of the tactics and actions of seemingly peaceful organizations who actually call for the destruction of Israel.Over the years, extreme right-wing groups (such as the KKK), and extreme-left groups (such as PFLP), have found subtle and seemingly peaceful ways of attracting supporters. Despite their new methodology, the intended outcome is the same, pure hate on a magnitude well beyond the acceptable limits of ordinary Canadians.


Stop Hate is a group of concerned citizens working to eliminate hate from our society

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In April 2015, hate is coming to Vancouver. A conference will be held featuring the who's who of anti-Israeli misinformation activists. Connections have been identified which link this conference to PLFP, a group recognized by the government of Canada as a terrorist organization.

For the most part, Stop Hate members have been fighting hate and misinformation for many decades. In more recent times, our efforts have been united and coordinated to produce more effective results.

Stop Hate is a collective of concerned individuals, not a part of any larger organization and self funded from our own pockets. We could use your support. Any donations of time or funding or will be sincerely appreciated. 

If a Rabbi makes a comment about Israel, it must be true right?


Not exactly. Like Christianity, Judaism also has fringe sects. Take the example in the below article, a snake handling church. The hate conference, coming to Vancouver in April 2015, will feature an American Rabbi who is roughly on-par with the snake handling pastor in the article below. Had one not known this, one could be tricked into believing the opinions of the fringe rabbi are common when indeed they most certainly are not.

Using fringe clergy to give a flair of authenticity is a favoured tactic of hate groups.

example of hate tactics

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  • Organizing petitions
  • Exposing lies
  • Following the money trails

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  • Reporting crimes committed by hate groups 
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Fact finding

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